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(mc) munich consulting is the brainchild of Sylvain Gibier and was created with the goal of strictly creating architectures and applications that push the envelope of what is possible. We are a freelance solution/technical architect and Agile aficionado - 98% chimpanzee, 2% French - living in Munich, Germany. We started freelancing early in 2004 and have worked in a wide range of personal clients and agencies around the world.

Software development is no mindless assembly-line work, but requires creativity, precision and also a certain kind of ethos. That's why we stick to the rules of the Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship. It's important for us that we deliver very good results, but not only because that's what the customer demands, but because we also want to see ourselves as specialists whose work stands up to the test of other specialists.

We are digital commerce specialists

We have 12 years experience in software development with major digital commerce leaders such as Hybris, ElasticPath, demandware , Intuiko to name few. Through our lengthy experience of working with these different technology stacks and in close co-operation with the different software manufacturers, we are able to realise complex customer requirements without any risk to the client.

We understand technology

Using the latest technology inspires us, but we don't just use this technology, we really understand it and optimise its use.
And we know the difference between production-ready and experimental technology.
We have a deep level of expertise in all areas of software development, either from programming languages (Java, scala, Ruby, JavaScript), frameworks (Spring Framework, Play, Node.js), Middleware (OSGi, Messaging, Rest/SOAP), data storage (JCR, Relational and NoSQL) and cloud infrastructure (AWS, Heroku, Google).

We rely on open source

Open source technology and open standards are at the core of all our solutions. We not only use these different frameworks, but take an active part in the community and further development.

We are software architects

Architecture is the heart of all software - and software stands and falls with its quality. Software architecture is at the very core of our expertise.
As a result technological risks remain controllable, software remains maintainable - and can be flexibly developed further. We stand for sustainability in software development.

Latests Works

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Nothing's more satisfying than seeing our software architecture working as it should.




Virgin Media

edition 20

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I am available for freelance jobs. Please contact me and send me your questions and inquiries.

sylvain@munichconsulting.de | +49 (0)162 2837 808 | Munich, Germany


Audi Business Innovations GmbH was in need for a private cloud PaaS and enhance development best practices to support delivery of its mobility product portfolio.


Design, deploy and operate the private cloud infrastructure based on AWS and running a Cloud Foundry's PaaS, along Docker swarm cluster.

Provide technology insights with leading edge industry and technology drivers and innovations in the Cloud / PaaS space

Set strategies, policies, standards and practices to drive operational effectiveness and process improvement for the platform delivery.

Lead small technical delivery teams staffed from the Client to deliver solutions for strategic Client projects.

Customer: Audi Business Innovations GmbH

Time: 2013 -

Stack: Cloud Foundry, Docker, AWS, Micro Service Architecture, DevOps

Website: www.audi.de


Intuiko wanted to move its offering from a license to SaaS model driven.


Re-packaged the intuiko codebase to be SaaS ready (multi tenant architecture) and designed the private cloud infrastructure based on Openstack.

Customer: intuiko

Time: 2012 - 2013

Products: OpenStack, SpringFramework

Website: www.intuiko.com


KIABI wanted to retire its 10 years old ecommerce custom ASP platform, and moved to an offshelf package ecommerce solution to support the ongoing growth.


Implemented Elastic Path's Commerce Engine and 'OSGI'-enabled Elastic Path to be deployed and run within Apache Servicemix to interact with KIABI's SOA backoffice.
Put in place DevOps' practices, allowing one click deployment to the 3rd party hosting private cloud.

Guided the partner development team towards Test Driven Development and Agile practices.

(work done through Elastic Path/Pictime)

Customer: KIABI

Time: 2010 - 2013

Products: Elastic Path, Servicemix

Agency: www.pictime.com

Website: www.kiabi.com


virgin media required to aggregate and uniform its different sales and content portals onto one global digital platform.


Combined Elastic Path's Commerce Engine, extending it to support Subscription offering with CQ 5 Content Managment (now Adobe) to provide a global digital platform for all business units (broadband, TV, phone and mobile).

Customer: Virgin Media (UK)

Time: 2008 - 2010

Products: Elastic Path, Adobe CQ5

Website: store.virginmedia.com

Project Overview

edition20 displays 20th-century design classics from the world of furniture and interiors which are still being produced.

Built a custom content managment platform using Grails framework, with advanced search and SEO capabilities.

Customer: edition20

Time: 2009

Products: Grails

Website: www.edition20.com